fous rires incontrôlables

Last night I went to class. I was a few minutes late after laboring over all the vegetables I bought at the store. You see, when my house is in shambles, I need a sense of peace or a resting place. For some reason I found it in having perfectly groomed veggies. Can vegetables be well groomed? …well… mine are.

The house is a sty. I find it incredibly stressful and yet that’s what packing looks like. So I got home from the farm market, cleared out the crispers in the fridge, wiped them down preparing them for some colorful produce. Crazy as it may be having one piece of the house in order just makes me feel a little less on edge. For it to be a food, even better.

I filled the drawer with yellow, orange and red tomatoes, with galas and golden delicious apples, cucumber and then on my chopping board I meticulously cleaned and washed all the carrots cutting them into spears and plunging them into a water filled container, tidying up green onions and scrubbing and trimming radishes and sealing them in Tupperware. I then washed and spun spinach, radicchio and flat leaf parsley and filled my fridge with these lovely things. Once they were all in place it looked like a piece of Provence, stunning brilliant colors akin to a Van Gogh painting. Relief. Sort of.

I raced off to class and my expectations were a bit on the low side. Some days you just don’t feel it but I made the decision after being seated a few minutes that I would get as much as I could and indeed, I did. Beni offered a great teaching and in such a way that it was easy to receive and she never pretended to know any more than she did and that alone was refreshing.

By the end of the class Wilson and I were in stitches. Seems to be a trend this week but it was uncontrollable laughter to the point we were both on the floor with another girl Sonia attempting to stand up, we weren’t faring so well so we remained on the floor for a little longer. I’m not normally someone who laughs uncontrollably, especially to the point where I’m on the floor but people keep telling me a season in life is coming full of joy and laughter and I think I ought to accept.

I’m sure with the move, the language barrier (yes, even though I speak French) and all the train rides and plane rides I’ll have plenty of opportunity to foul up and what better habit to practice than to laugh it all away.

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