How do you carve the path?

paradise meadowsI’ve been thinking a lot about attitude lately. When life gets tough it’s easy to bunk with your crappy feelings and just see a grim outlook, but you know, I’ve been trying to change that lately. I’m tired of feeling that things have to be tough because they look it. I realize that sometimes the best attitude is one of hope, one of courage that there’s a good future ahead. I keep hearing about how often we’re afraid of our own success. Why is that? I didn’t really think it was true until I realized just how easily I bunk with the bad feelings, how everything stacks up and feels insurmountable… So maybe without knowing it I was agreeing that it was easier to stay in my rut than to imagine a better possibility? 

Lately I’ve been trying to snap out of it. Reminding myself that challenges come and if you focus your energy right, you can conquer. A few times lately I just have to stop, take a deep breath and write out what I’m thankful for. Soon I realize I’m actually pretty thankful for a lot of things and that they outweigh the rest. I think it also just puts you back in the moment instead of somewhere “out there.”

What about you? How do you perceive your outlook? Do you consider yourself positive and ready to accept the good things ahead or do you find you fear the future? What do you do to get yourself where you want to be?

{Bellow are photos from the girls “camping” trip this summer on Vancouver Island. Two of a few friends I’m forever thankful for (those who were absent know that they were missed) and a place I never grow tired of.}

paradise meadowsfrog spotting paradise meadowsParadise meadowsParadise MeadowsWild blueberries Paradise meadows
Girls Camping weekendGirls Island Camping weekendcampingCampgroundsHBC triplets

Campbell RiverElk FallsElk FallsElk Lake provincial park entry morning breakfast setupmorning coffeeGirls clay masks the outdoor winebar battleship lakeparadise meadowslake helen mackenzie lake helen mackenzielake helen mackenzieparadise meadows bc paradise meadows bcparadise meadows bc

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