Detour through Lyon

There was a moment at the end of May, I found myself on the edge of the Rhone river in Lyon and I looked over the body of water and felt like I’d returned. I hadn’t seen it since 2012.  I used to sit with my legs hanging over the wall in Arles eating my baguette with Tomme de Savoie cheese and finally I stood over a large bridge just appreciating it’s beauty in a stunning city I’d longed to see. 

It’s impossible to forget that there’s always something intrinsically drawing me to the beautiful Southern half of France. 

rhone lyon rue de la republique lyonarcades of lyonfestival of roses lyon

walking lyon

candles at notre dame de Fourvièrenotre dame de Fourvière notre dame de Fourvière

notre dame de Fourvièrediscover lyondiscover lyonnotre dame de Fourvièrenotre dame de Fourvière

jardins du rosaire lyon parc Fourvièrejardins du rosaire lyonjardins du rosaire lyonjardins du rosaire lyon

jardins du rosaire lyonlyonvieux lyonvieux lyonvieux lyonwalking lyonvieux lyon vieux lyonvieux lyonamphitheater lyonsaone river Lyonlyon France

lyon Francelyon Franceride lyon France

bar a biere

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