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Some mornings coffee just tastes terrible. This morning is one of those mornings. It tastes like some ashy substance which makes no sense. I’d like to think my taste buds are just off but who knows…

It’s late November. Can you believe it? I can’t. I’ve got a month and a half to get myself together here and so many things I still want to document! I really want to be able to go and get photos of the city like I planned. I have a few from quite a while ago that could suffice but I’d love to spend a day just documenting. Nevertheless, I’ve added ones from days past.

In other news today it was brought up that I MIGHT be sent to Denver for work. It’s rather unlikely I’ll go since my schedule isn’t a perfect match for it but I’m really hoping they’ll send me anyways so I can enjoy a little adventure outside of the latest office crisis known as – the coffee shortage. Seriously, a plane ride and new scenery sounds like just what the doctor ordered! It’s not on the top of my list of places to go but I will say that Colorado has held a bit of intrigue for a couple years now so I’d be curious enough to go see what it’s all about. I’m going to try and keep low key about it. I’m still pretty convinced it’s unlikely at this point but there’s no mistaking I’m up for it.

I know I started this post in the morning but now it’s evening and I’m only just getting back to the post. I don’t know how your day went but mine turned out a-okay. Today marks one of the first real days I got my spandex on since I moved and did a bit of a workout. BOY does it feel good! I promised myself that since I’m getting all my wisdom teeth taken out next week as a “pre-flight measure” I should get myself in tip-top shape so I have the quickest possible recovery. I’ve stocked the fridge and the cupboards with nuts, fruit, veggies and other gluten free snacks when I’m not guzzling down liters of water! Somehow a workout seemed like a perfect compliment to the good eating. I cranked up some lively music, pulled my hair back and re-introduced my sock feet to some dancing! I don’t know why I don’t dance more it’s so invigorating and there’s no way to get better than just by doing it. For the last few years I’ve really wanted to take some dancing lessons like for salsa or tango or something semi-formal just to know. Earlier in the year I went to a South African evening and all the men taught us how to sokki. It felt so unnatural to begin with but for a few moments you get swept up in fits of laughter and way-too-close conversation and before you know it, you’ve forgotten you don’t know how and it just happens. So if ever you want to learn how to dance quickly, ask someone from South Africa, they know… it’s a part of their life. After I danced it out I eventually turned to some strength training. I wouldn’t want to show up in France on my first bike ride unable to catch my breath!

Now to stay away from all the holiday baking… Good luck self, you might be screwed (translation: I ate some kind of skor cookie tonight already!)

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