Les plus beaux villages de France / The most beautiful villages of France

Sometimes it’s hard to really give the proper emphasis to a certain adventures in life, especially those which aren’t overly planned. This will be one of those times. Jérémie and I went to the Lot and the Dordogne regions of France. We struck many of the “most beautiful villages of France” off our list, because yes, there is a list found here. We went Kayaking on the Dordogne, we went caving in Peche Merle to see prehistoric cave paintings, we saw ruins of castles built in rock walls from the hundred years war, we went to a “rock and roll night” in the middle of nowhere past a farm and on the river with a beautiful view and surprisingly jam-packed with French vacationers. We ate uncanny amounts of duck and foie gras and drank the local “black wine” otherwise known as Malbec from Cahors and ate at some of the best restaurants I’ve been at in terms of quality and price in France and we did MANY, many stairs to explore the innumerable hilltop villages with castles, churches and shops all to be discovered!

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