mauvaise humeur

Some days you just wake up to a bad mood hangover. Today is one of those days. Everything started off poorly.

I overslept and thankfully Wilson texted me at 7.27am (3 minutes before I start work) and it woke me up. I felt like I just could have kept on sleeping which is rare to be sure. So I hurry through my morning routine and bring moms applesauce in a container with a bit of cinnamon on it, bag of royal nut mix and a mason jar of water and rush out into the chilled and fog laden street. As I head down to the parkade my fob won’t work so I’m forced to walk all the way around the building so I can use the slow garage door to get to walk all the way to the other side of the parkade to finally get in my car and off to work. I was late. No one mentioned anything but I knew I was really late today.

Since then I’ve been fighting yesterdays sour mood. I had a couple things set me off and they acted as very successful killjoys. So instead of letting myself dwell in yesterdays muck I thought it appropriate to make a list of things I can be thankful for today.

I am thankful for

Blue skies and sun
Working part time
Eating homemade applesauce
Wearing a warm wool sweater
Friends that are amazing pillars of support
The Harvest festival on Saturday
Sleepover with Wilson tomorrow night and Jen the next!
Olives on my olive tree
A new city to explore in a few months
A train trip across Canada to see extended family
Prayer tonight with my church
My cool family
Great wine in the house

It would appear I have much to be thankful for. So I say thanks and hopefully slough off the dirt that was making me feel small and insignificant and purposeless. Today is a new day and it brings with it great promise.

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