rencontrer ma famille

I felt it only appropriate that since I’m getting things started I should set the stage for home life.

Meet my family.

I’m on the far right and I’m the youngest of three. Then are my two sisters with the eldest standing center stage and my parents beside her.  We took this in September 2011 after we all made the pilgrimage back home to see my nan one last time before she passed the following morning. It was a beautiful weekend of family time and it was only made better by the fact that we all took ferry or flight to make sure we didn’t miss the opportunity to say one last goodbye.

While my parents used to move a lot by the time I was born we had settled in this small rancher in the middle of Vancouver Island. I’ve never known another house since. Each of us is so different and yet so alike. My sisters both spend a fair amount of time in University to earn their careers one as an Engineer (now Waldorf teacher) and the other a medical Physicist and I am more like my parents, an entrepreneur.

My parents were always a good example of great living. Even to this day my dad show’s us how it’s done in his 60’s cycling a mind boggling 40-50kms when he gets going.  My mom walks on a daily basis and together they are a part of a dragon boating team and work as snow hosts up the local mountain so they can ski all winter long. One sister is a triathlete and the other a climber and well as usual I have my own take on things… I always make my own niche but I love to climb, I love snow sports and I work out on the sly in my house where I’m unlikely to be seen!

Together we’re a creative bunch and so it’ll probably unfold that I like to take on projects and I like to think I get it from my dad and when I’m in the kitchen it’s a piece of my mom.

I love my family and it’ll be hard to be away from them for a long time since we’ve grown so much closer this year but I know my parents are excited to make the trek out to France so we can vacation just the three of us through Spain or Italy for a few weeks.

As any of my friends will tell you, I’ve got a great family and it’s true. I love them to pieces, even if I don’t get to see them very often.

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